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English. 3 Days itinerary

I spend about six week around the Special Administrative Region of Hong Kong (SAR) and always enjoyed getting there around. This is a little idea about the itinerary you could do around the country for 3 Days. The good feedback of my gave the idea to write this article. I don’t claim it is  perfect but, according to me, it give a global idea about the place and I hope it will fit you.


Day 1 :


The Morning :

Regarding the place you stay go to the closest MTR Station and go to Diamon Hill MTR Station to get out and go Direction The Monestary & Chi Lin. They offer you an authentic clean and impressive garden and if you cross the bridge a nice monestary with a good view on some high building. Enjoy the view of the skyline in your back and read the different sign.

At noon or around 1 P.M.

You should go back to the MTR Station Diamon Hill & head to Causeway Bay on Hong Kong Island. Go out and take the bus ( 40: Every 4 minutes, 40X every 7 minutes) to Stanley Bay (threw Tang Lung Street / Hennessy road) which has a great view. When you will walk on the premande you will be able to see old fisherman boat and you will even be able to pay to be on a boat to get a brief « get around » which will show you the Jumbo Boat. ( We won’t advice you to eat there).

Go back to your bus stop and on the way back you should stop at Repulse Bay. You will have slow wind and a beautifull view « on the other side » of the island there. The beach will be beautifull and you will be isolated from the Center. (1h20minutes of journey). You could have your lunch there on a café with the view on the ocean or a farther when you will reach Stanley Bay.


The sun should be starting to set down. (End of afternoon, sun still up)

From Repulse Bay you should take the bus n°40 Again at South Bay Road to Happy Valley Racecource to the bus number 28 at Lap Tak Lane for 9 stops and go out at The Peak Tram.(50 minutes). The Peak Tram will allow you to take one of the oldest tram on earth with a good landscape if the sun is going down (or is still up). This will cost you around 90 HKD and will also avoid you to pay an extra of 40 HKD$ to get at the top of the Skyview from Victoria Peak. You should get back by bus.

Enjoy your view before getting back to your Hotel.






Day 2 :



Go to Central ( Hong Kong Island MTR Line) and grab a Ferry (Pier n°4) to go to Lamma Island. You should stop at north of the Island and then walk to the (middle of the island) East side. It should take around 3 hours if you take your time.

Lamma is definetly of my favorite place in Hong Kong. You are at 25 minutes from the Center and yet it is the middle of nowhere with absolutley no car and barely roads. There is people from Hong Kong who lives here and go to work everyday in HKG Island.

Feel free to grab a lunch there (the last « city ») or take a coconut open under your eyes! You can also take the pineapple they sell along the road during the summer.


Around 1 PM

You should arrive in Central and have a lunch at in one of the many restaurant of the international food of Hong Kong. Then go to Wan Chai, Exit A4 you can have a look on an electronic market, maybe you don’t wanna buy but it can still be interesting to see what it is like around here.Then take the same line ( Hong Kong Island MTR) to Central. The Hong Kong Zoological & Botanical Gardens is lovely and with a small zoo. You can also have a view on some high building!

Go back to Central and go to Mongkok MTR Station you should have a look on one of the market over there. It is either this one or the very famous Night Market of Temple Street. You should be there by 7 PM and maybe test some street food there.



Everyday at 8 PM you have a light show from the TST ( Tsim Sha Tsui) . The good thing to do is firstable to walk from the start of the avenue of star where the restaurant Deck N Beer is (so when the Tsim Sha Tsui promenda ends.). Enjoy this nice avenue with statue, Jackie Chan fingerprint and so on under a nice sunset on one of the best skyline on earth. And at the end of the Avenue of star is where you should take pictures and watch the light show. Take the subway from East TST to Austin and look for the exit to get closer to ICC Light & Music Show, oZone bar and Ritz-Carlton. You have to take a drink ( or just look around) to the oZone bar, the highest bar on earth. The view is unbelievable. You can get in and just have a look around but you won’t look like the others. Specially if you are not alone. Be sure to be well dress. A shirt and a jean is ok for a guy for instance.

If it is not 9:30 PM yet, you can still go to Temple Street on your way back home.






Day 3:



Lantau Island is one of the famous place of Hong Kong on a touristic point of view. Take the MTR Station to Tung Chung MTR Station which is the terminus. You can then grab the Ngong Ping 360 (depending on the time of the year there can be a line of 1 hour there, mainly during the spring and summer). Take a one way only. Enjoy the journey on the cablecar by hoping it is a sunny day, the landscape are very good.

You will arrive at a superficial village. Do not stop, it is completly useless. Maybe for a subway if you over slept but don’t lose your time there. Go Straight to one of the biggest buddha statue. The view there is breathtaking.

Get back to the rond about and go in the direction of Po Lin Monastery, and take some great shot. Don’t forget to walk a bit more and behind it you will see the temple of the 10 000 golden buddha. It is a bit hide.Go back to the artificial village and behing it there is a bus parking. Take the bus number 21 to go to Tai O Fishing Village.( Around 1 hour)

Arrived there, on your left there will be the sea. Keep walking and you will someone selling boat seat for seing Pink Dalphins. If you do it around 2PM you will have a good chance to see them. Not later. I tried both and around 3:45 never saw them and yet they sold it to me. You will also have a quick visit of the fishingvillage while you will be on the boat.

After a look in this small village, you should get back where the bus drop you off and take the bus number 11 for more than 1 hour and a half to get back to the MTR Station. Enjoy the journey to have a nice view of the Island.



Early afternoon and beginning of evening

Maybe you will fly in the night, maybe you saw some other things you want to do during this two and a half day. Otherwise, what I will advice you is to go to central and walk around the Center of Hong Kong Island on the way to LKF ( Lan Kwai Fong) for having a drink and seeing some road going up in the direction of victoria peak with nice restaurant and night club.



More informations

– Temple Street & Mongkok market are good place for buying souvenirs… BUT… never at the first prices gave!

– If you are there on a wednesday you absolutly have to go to Happy Valley Racecourse close to either CausewayBay or Wan Chai MTR Station. It is amazing. You can see people from all ages with newspapers and horse caracterics make pronostics and bet or expat just having fun around a beer.

– Check-out my article to get many informations about Hong Kong ( In French but feel free to use Google Translate) it can learn you a thing or two about this very nice place.

Hong Kong is mainly about :

– Kowloon

– Lantau Island

– Lamma Island (Not anyone might say that but I think it is a highlight)

– Hong Kong Island

– The new territories


– To travel easier we will advice you to get the Octopus card, even for 3 days, we still think it is very useful. (150 HKD should be enought for the itinerary advice here, you can still get back your money the last day before you leave -and not at the airport they don’t do refund)

– Be sure about your sleeping place and do not forget if you go out one night you will have to get back by cab.


Itineraires conseilles et testes lors de nos voyages !